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The Town & the City: Lowell before and after The Civil War

Originally created to be a digital archive for Lowell documents from 1826 to 1861, this website has grown to cover many periods and events in Lowell's history.

Lowell on the Merrimack (1892)

Lowell on the Merrimack, An Art Souvenir containing 54 Albertype views of the principal Public Buildings, Private Residences, Parks, and Streets of the City of Lowell, by Edwin S. Bigelow, Compiler and Publisher, (1892).

Book Cover

Title Page

Memorial Library, Merrimack Street

Pawtucket Falls

Pulpit and Organ, First Congregational Church, Merrimack Street

Boston & Maine R. R. Station, Central Street

Canal Walk from School Street

Canal Walk

St. Anne's Episcopal Church and Rectory, Merrimack Street

Entrance to Lakeview Park and Lake Mascuppic

Aiken Street Bridge, between "Little Canada" and Centralville

Alter and Chancel, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Belvidere

Lake Mascuppic

Post Office,Appleton and Gorham Streets

Central Street

Appleton Bank and Y.M.C.A. Building, Hurd Street

First Baptist Church, Church Street

Merrimack River, from Andover Street, Belvidere

Residence of Gen. Benj. F. Butler, Belvidere

Tennis Court on grounds of Gen. B. F. Butler

J. A. Faulkner A. G. Cumnock Fred'k Faulkner BELMONT AVENUE

Fairmount Street

Residence of Wm. H. Anderson, Andover Street, Belvidere

Nesmith Street, Belvidere

Rogers Fort Hill Park

The Oaklands, from Fairmont Street, Belvidere

Central Fire Station, Palmer Street

South Common

North Common

Entrance to Lowell Cemetery, Lawrence Street

Scene in Lowell Cemetery

Cricket Club House, Centralville

Bridge Street, Centralville

Middlesex Street from Central Street

M. V. M. Armory, Westford Street, Highlands

Westford Street, Highlands

Residence of J. L. Chalifoux, Wilder Street, Highlands

Middlesex Street from Stevens Street, Highlands

Highland Grammar School, Highlands

Highland Club House, Princeton Street, Highlands

Highland Club House, Reception Room

Old Middlesex Tavern, Middlesex Village, Erected 1795

Vesper Boat Club House, Pawtucket Street

Residence of Frederick Ayer, Pawtucket Street

Merrimack Street, Looking West

Monument Square and Statue of Victory, Merrimack Street

Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton Street

Old Ladies' Home, Fletcher Street

Court House, Gorham Street, Labor Day, 1892

City Farm Buildings, Chelmsford Street

County Jail, Thorndike Street