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The Town & the City: Lowell before and after The Civil War

Originally created to be a digital archive for Lowell documents from 1826 to 1861, this website has grown to cover many periods and events in Lowell's history.

Index to Intentions of Marriages 1850 to 1863

Inventory for Index to Intentions of Marriages 1850 to 1863 - 001 to 100

file_item first letter of last name
marriages_50_to_62_001 Book spine
marriages_50_to_62_002 A
marriages_50_to_62_003 A
marriages_50_to_62_004 A
marriages_50_to_62_005 A
marriages_50_to_62_006 A - B
marriages_50_to_62_007 B
marriages_50_to_62_008 B
marriages_50_to_62_009 B
marriages_50_to_62_010 B
marriages_50_to_62_011 B
marriages_50_to_62_012 B
marriages_50_to_62_013 B
marriages_50_to_62_014 B
marriages_50_to_62_015 B
marriages_50_to_62_016 B
marriages_50_to_62_017 B
marriages_50_to_62_018 B - C
marriages_50_to_62_019 C
marriages_50_to_62_020 C
marriages_50_to_62_021 C
marriages_50_to_62_022 C
marriages_50_to_62_023 C
marriages_50_to_62_024 C
marriages_50_to_62_025 C
marriages_50_to_62_026 C
marriages_50_to_62_027 C
marriages_50_to_62_028 C
marriages_50_to_62_029 C
marriages_50_to_62_030 C
marriages_50_to_62_031 C
marriages_50_to_62_032 C
marriages_50_to_62_033 C - D
marriages_50_to_62_034 D
marriages_50_to_62_035 D
marriages_50_to_62_036 D
marriages_50_to_62_037 D
marriages_50_to_62_038 D
marriages_50_to_62_039 D
marriages_50_to_62_040 D
marriages_50_to_62_041 D
marriages_50_to_62_042 E
marriages_50_to_62_043 E
marriages_50_to_62_044 E
marriages_50_to_62_045 F
marriages_50_to_62_046 F
marriages_50_to_62_047 F
marriages_50_to_62_048 F
marriages_50_to_62_049 F
marriages_50_to_62_050 F
marriages_50_to_62_051 F
marriages_50_to_62_052 G
marriages_50_to_62_053 G
marriages_50_to_62_054 G
marriages_50_to_62_055 G
marriages_50_to_62_056 G
marriages_50_to_62_057 G
marriages_50_to_62_058 G
marriages_50_to_62_059 H
marriages_50_to_62_060 H
marriages_50_to_62_061 H
marriages_50_to_62_062 H
marriages_50_to_62_063 H
marriages_50_to_62_064 H
marriages_50_to_62_065 H
marriages_50_to_62_066 H
marriages_50_to_62_067 H
marriages_50_to_62_068 H
marriages_50_to_62_069 H
marriages_50_to_62_070 H - I
marriages_50_to_62_071 I - J
marriages_50_to_62_072 J
marriages_50_to_62_073 J
marriages_50_to_62_074 K
marriages_50_to_62_075 K
marriages_50_to_62_076 K
marriages_50_to_62_077 K
marriages_50_to_62_078 K
marriages_50_to_62_079 L
marriages_50_to_62_080 L
marriages_50_to_62_081 L
marriages_50_to_62_082 L
marriages_50_to_62_083 L
marriages_50_to_62_084 L
marriages_50_to_62_085 L
marriages_50_to_62_086 L - M
marriages_50_to_62_087 M
marriages_50_to_62_088 M
marriages_50_to_62_089 M
marriages_50_to_62_090 M
marriages_50_to_62_091 M
marriages_50_to_62_092 M
marriages_50_to_62_093 M
marriages_50_to_62_094 M
marriages_50_to_62_095 M
marriages_50_to_62_096 M
marriages_50_to_62_097 M
marriages_50_to_62_098 M
marriages_50_to_62_099 M
marriages_50_to_62_100 M