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The Town & the City: Lowell before and after The Civil War

Originally created to be a digital archive for Lowell documents from 1826 to 1861, this website has grown to cover many periods and events in Lowell's history.

Inventory for Tax Book 1836

file_item # first letter of last name
tax_book_36_001 spine
tax_book_36_002 cover
tax_book_36_003 A
tax_book_36_004 A - B
tax_book_36_005 A - B
tax_book_36_006 B
tax_book_36_007 B
tax_book_36_008 B
tax_book_36_009 B
tax_book_36_010 B
tax_book_36_011 B - C
tax_book_36_012 C
tax_book_36_013 C
tax_book_36_014 C
tax_book_36_015 C
tax_book_36_016 C
tax_book_36_017 C
tax_book_36_018 C
tax_book_36_019 C
tax_book_36_020 C - D
tax_book_36_021 D
tax_book_36_022 D
tax_book_36_023 D
tax_book_36_024 D - E
tax_book_36_025 E
tax_book_36_026 F
tax_book_36_027 F
tax_book_36_028 F
tax_book_36_029 F
tax_book_36_030 F
tax_book_36_031 G
tax_book_36_032 G
tax_book_36_033 G
tax_book_36_034 G - H
tax_book_36_035 H
tax_book_36_036 H
tax_book_36_037 H
tax_book_36_038 H
tax_book_36_039 H
tax_book_36_040 H
tax_book_36_041 H - I
tax_book_36_042 J
tax_book_36_043 J - K
tax_book_36_044 K
tax_book_36_045 K
tax_book_36_046 L
tax_book_36_047 L
tax_book_36_048 L
tax_book_36_049 L - M
tax_book_36_050 M
tax_book_36_051 M
tax_book_36_052 M
tax_book_36_053 M
tax_book_36_054 M
tax_book_36_055 M
tax_book_36_056 M
tax_book_36_057 M
tax_book_36_058 M - N
tax_book_36_059 N
tax_book_36_060 N - O
tax_book_36_061 P
tax_book_36_062 P
tax_book_36_063 P
tax_book_36_064 P
tax_book_36_065 P
tax_book_36_066 P - Q - R
tax_book_36_067 R
tax_book_36_068 R
tax_book_36_069 R
tax_book_36_070 R - S
tax_book_36_071 S
tax_book_36_072 S
tax_book_36_073 S
tax_book_36_074 S
tax_book_36_075 S
tax_book_36_076 S
tax_book_36_077 S
tax_book_36_078 T
tax_book_36_079 T
tax_book_36_080 T
tax_book_36_081 T - U
tax_book_36_082 V - W
tax_book_36_083 W
tax_book_36_084 W
tax_book_36_085 W
tax_book_36_086 W
tax_book_36_087 W
tax_book_36_088 W
tax_book_36_089 W
tax_book_36_090 Y - Churches, Companies, Mills
tax_book_36_091 Companies Mills - Non-residents
tax_book_36_092 Non-residents
tax_book_36_093 Non-residents
tax_book_36_094 Non-residents
tax_book_36_095 Non-residents
tax_book_36_096 Non-residents
tax_book_36_097 Non-residents
tax_book_36_098 Non-residents
tax_book_36_099 Non-residents
tax_book_36_100 Non-residents
tax_book_36_101 Non-residents
tax_book_36_102 Non-residents
tax_book_36_103 Non-residents - Assessors' sign
tax_book_36_104 some names
tax_book_36_105 back cover