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The Town & the City: Lowell before and after The Civil War

Originally created to be a digital archive for Lowell documents from 1826 to 1861, this website has grown to cover many periods and events in Lowell's history.


Site of the Middlesex Company Research Report -

From the report -
"The Middlesex Company, formed by Samuel Lawrence and William W. Stone and others, was incorporated "for the purposes of manufacturing cotton and woolen goods at Lowell" on June 5, 1830. The act of incorporation allowed the company to "hold such real estate, not exceeding in value the sum of $250,000, and such personal estate, not exceeding in value $250,000, as may be suitable and convenient for carrying on the manufactures aforesaid". The company, in fact, produced only wool products for the duration of its existence." 

Owner of original document(s): Lowell Historical Society

Location of original document(s): Center for Lowell History