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Lowell Sun Photography Collection, Lowell Historical Society

Rights and Usage

Please contact LHS at for permission or usage rights. 

The Lowell Historical Society and UMass Lowell Libraries' Center for Lowell History makes this material available for private, educational, and research use. While we claim no rights or authority over this material, we do ask that any publication or use of it cite The Lowell Historical Society as the source location of the digital documents and the Center for Lowell History as the archive where the original documents can be found. While most of the materials made available are public records and free of restrictions under copyright law, it is the responsibility of the user intending any commercial reproduction of material that may be subject to intellectual property restrictions to secure permissions from the appropriate parties.

On May 4th, 2006, The Lowell Sun and the Lowell Historical Society entered into an agreement which stipulates that "The Sun agrees that this is an outright gift to the Society for use in programs, events for the public, in publications by the Society or any other way the Society deems appropriate. In the event of said use, the Society agrees to credit the Lowell Sun Collection and the photographer (if known)."