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Lowell Sun Photography Collection, Lowell Historical Society

John Kerry

John Forbes Kerry has served the state of Massachusetts and the United States in various capacities. Most recently, he is an American diplomat, a member of the Democratic party, with his most recent role as the United States Secretary of State. He was active as chair of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a member of the Small Business Committee. The State Senator from Massachusetts from 1985 to 2013, Mr. Kerry also served as the Commonwealth's 66th Lieutenant Governor from 1983 to 1985.

Title: John Kerry Senate Race
Photographer: Dan Donovan
Description: John Kerry addresses constituents regarding his U.S. Senate Race 
Date: 11/4/1984

Title: John Kerry and Congressman, Chet Atkins
Photographer: Julia Malakie
Description: John Kerry at a meeting with Congressman, Chet Atkins
Date: unknown

Title: John Kerry and Bill Traynor
Photographer: Marston
Description: Former Executive Director of Correction for a Better Acre (CBA), Bill Traynor, shows Senator Kerry ceiling damage and kitchen cabinets falling off the wall in a Canal apartment
Date: 8/24/1988

Title: John Kerry Grips Hands with a Supporter
Photographer: David H. Brow
Description: John Kerry grips hands in joy with supporter
Date: 11/6/1984


Title: John Kerry Sits with Young Adults
Photographer: Mike Pigeon
Description: John Kerry sits with students, Jeri McWhinnie, Mary Cruz, Charles Gargiulo, and Ricky Marshall
Date: unknown

Title: John Kerry at Billerica High School
Photographer: Dick Hunt
Description: John Kerry addressing students at Billerica High School
Date: 10/11/1991

Title: John Kerry at a Rally in Lowell
Photographer: unknown
Description: John Kerry greets Don Holliday at a rally in Lowell
Date: 6/8/1982

Title: John Kerry Receives a Hug from a Supporter
Photographer: unknown
Description: John Kerry receives a hug from a support
Date: 6/8/1982

Title: John Kerry and Xiomara Villeja
Photographer: Marston
Description: Senator John Kerry asking Xiomara Villeja how long problems have existed in her apartment (North Canal Tenant)
Date: 8/24/1988

Title: John Kerry with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donahue
Photographer: unknown
Description: John Kerry offers greetings to Mrs. Joseph P. Donahue Sr. and her son Mr. Joseph P. Donahue Jr.
Date: 1/19/1983