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Lowell Sun Photography Collection, Lowell Historical Society

Arts in Lowell

The City of Lowell has been committed to the arts and building a thriving arts community since the 1970s. Home to various museums, arts co-operatives, and galleries, Lowell is the perfect home for artists to share their talent, skills, and celebrate the wonderful conversations that result due to creative art pieces. 

Title: 10th Annual James Vaw deoz Zee Celebration
Photographer: Bob Whittaker
Description: Photo of John Pinderhughes, Anthony Barbosa, and Bill Hall at the James Vaw Deoz Zee celebration
Date: 2/29/1989

Title: Lowell Brush Art Gallery
Photographer: Bob Whittaker
Description: Left To Right: Judy Geller, Nashua, N.H. - Silvesmith, Susan Johnson, N. Andover - Collage Painter, Joan Orphanos, Lynnfield - Painter, Mary Ann Matthews, Tewksbury - Painter, Kate Greenberg, Andover - Director, Audrey Trull, Tewksbury - Weaver, Jeannine Tardiff, Lowell, - Painter, Karen Gagne, Tewksbury - Fiber Artist, Vassilios Giavis , Lowell, - Painter, Lauren Bedau, North Billerica, - Fabric Painter
Date: 6/2/1991

Title: Cutting Cake at Brush Art Gallery
Photographer: Bill Bridgeford
Description: A Brush with History Happy Birthday Celebration
Date: 7/19/unknown year

Title: Lowell Market Museum
Photographer: Bob Whittaker
Description: Dolores and John Arruda, of Acton, view photograph by their son (Gary Arruda). Portuguese Artists
Date: 6/11/1992