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Lowell Sun Photography Collection, Lowell Historical Society

Bars Around Lowell

Lowell has always had a rich and vibrant social scene. Attached you will find a number of photographs from various bar landmarks.

Title: Billy's Brookside Cafe
Photographer: Mike Pidgeon
Description: Billy's Brookside Cafe, Gorham Street
Date: 6/23/1981

Title: Man Cleaning Window of Bridge Street Tavern
Photographer: Richard Hunt
Description: Unidentified man cleaning the windows at the Bridge Street Tavern in January
Date: 1/20/1981

Title: Cell Block Lounge
Photographer: Mike Pidgeon
Description: Outside View of the Cell Block Lounge
Date: 6/23/1981


Title: Lowell Residents Watching the Patriots
Photographer: Bill Bridgeford
Description: At Bridge Street Tavern, Lowell Residents, Steve McCullough (left) and Jim Roy (right) watch the Patriots game
Date: 10/4/year unknown

Title: Cappy's Copper Kettle
Photographer: David Brow
Description: A & L Taxi waits for patrons outside Cappy's Copper Kettle, Central Street, Lowell
Date: 12/31/1986

Title: The Raft
Photographer: unknown
Description: Signage of the Raft in Lowell
Date: 9/8/1983