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Lowell Stories: Women's History


"Homage to Women" by Mico Kaufman, 1989. Market Mills Park, Market and Palmer Streets, Lowell, Massachusetts. This sculpture of five intertwined figures is a tribute to Lowell’s 19th century mill girls, celebrating the contributions made by women throughout time. This statue represents the struggles and aspirations of working women everywhere and is intended to represent women of different races.

Martha Mayo has probed deep into Lowell History to identify important figures who have advanced women's rights. The Center for Lowell History Team will continue to build out this collection of resources. 

"It has been a delight sharing some of the Lowell Women, I have researched over the many decades as Director, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History (retired). Hope you enjoyed their stories. Thanks to Tony Sampas, Archive Manager, Center for Lowell History."-Martha Mayo, Wrap-Up Daily Lowell Women’s History – March 31, 2022 (Facebook)

Lowell History Story Collections:

Lowell Stories Women's History

Untold Lowell Stories : Black History

Archivist and Special Projects Manager Tony Sampas provided the images for the stories, based on Martha's suggestions, some of which link to the original source material.      

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