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Lowell Stories: Women's History

Lowell Teachers Organization 1918

Lowell High School, University of Massachusetts Lowell Libraries, Center for Lowell History, Postcard Collection.

Teachers’ Organization. In 1918, women dominated the education system in Lowell and they wanted the vote.

Frances Masterson (1888-1963), Member: Lowell High School, History Teacher

Katherine E. Kelly (1866-?), Secretary: Cross Street School, Teacher

Genieve England Lawrence (1889-1973), President: Lowell High School, Biology Teacher


Lowell Teachers’ Organization Lowell, Mass, Dec 3, 1918. To The United States Senate,


At a meeting of our Teachers’ Organization the following resolutions submitted by Miss Frances Masterson, one of our number, and Chairman of the Lowell Suffrage City Committee, were indorsed.

Whereas, America has been fighting for the right of self-government for the people of Europe while one-half of the people of America are denied that right, and

Whereas, the ideal of democracy can Be defended with increased zeal abroad if it be given practical application at home, and

Whereas, the votes of the loyal women of America are needed as never before to sustain America ideals at the polls, as our men fought for American ideals in the trenches, and

Whereas, country by country, all Europe is recognizing woman suffrage as fundamental to democracy, British women, Danish women, Icelandic women. Russian women, Austrian women, and German women, all having been enfranchised; therefore, be it

Resolved, that we teachers of the City of Lowell call on the Senate of the United States to pass the federal Suffrage Amendment, to the end that America may have the added strength of Democracy at home, even as she fought for democracy abroad, and be it further Resolved, that a copy of these Resolutions be sent to the United States Senate in are of Senator Lodge of Massachusetts.

Frances Masterson

per Katherine Kelly, Secretary,

Genieve Lawrence, President

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