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Lowell Stories: Women's History

Lowell Women’s History – 30 Downtown Sites

  1. Harriot Curtis: Second Universalist Church (Writer)
  2. Margaret Foley: Lowell Institution for Savings (Artist)
  3. Blanche Ames Ames: Welles Block Hall (Women’s Rights Advocate)
  4. Edith Nourse Rogers: Lowell School Department (Congresswoman)
  5. Charlotte Kitson & Emily Kitson Stott: Lowell Textile School (Philanthropist)
  6. Harriet Farley Dunlevy: Spalding Row, Lowell Offering Office (Writer)
  7. Bette Davis: Strand Theater (Actor)
  8. Sarah George Bagley Durno: Middlesex Company (Labor Reform Advocate)
  9. Birdie Jones Malbory: Central Street, Free Soil Sign (City Council Candidate)
  10. Sarah Clay: Nesmith Block (Dressmaker)
  11. Mary Agnes Hallaren: US Army Recruiting Center (Army Colonel)
  12. Josephine Southwick Ayer: Home for Women and Children (Philanthropist)
  13. Lydia Sears Hall Graffam: St Johns Congregational Church (US Secretary of the Treasury)
  14. Elizabeth & Teresa Lew: Morris Block, Family Square (Civil Rights Advocates)
  15. Ruth Merrill Bailey: Lowell Trade School (Athlete and Educator)
  16. Harriet Hanson Robinson: Boott Boardinghouse (Writer)
  17. Helen Augusta Whittier: Kirk Street Townhouse (Women’s Rights Advocate)
  18. Lucy Larcom: Lucy Larcom Park (Poet and Writer)
  19. Carolyn Van Vronker: Lowell High School (Civil Rights Advocate)
  20. Mary Frances Eastman: Lowell High School (Women’s Rights Advocate)
  21. Lydia Lee Smith Howard: Dutton Street Boardinghouse (Preservationist)
  22. Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ordway: Lowell High School (Educator)
  23. Annie Louise Hall: Lowell High School (Women’s Rights Advocate)
  24. Alice Parker Hutchins: Lowell High School (Women’s Rights Advocate)
  25. Helen Sawyer Hogg: Lowell High School (Astronomer)
  26. Jane (Jennie) Collins: Huntington Hall (Labor Reform Advocate)
  27. Abba Goddard: Ladd and Whitney (Civil War Nurse)
  28. Mary Walsh Brennen: Lowell City Hall (First Female City Councilor)
  29. Betsey Guppy Chamberlain: First Congregational Church (Writer)
  30. Rowena Hildreth Palmer: Lowell City Library (Women’s Rights Advocate)
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