Lowell Sun Photography Collection

Bars Around Lowell

Lowell has always had a rich and vibrant social scene. Attached you will find a number of photographs from various bar landmarks.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell Library makes this material available for private, educational, and research use. While we claim no rights or authority over this material, we do ask that any publication or use of it cite UMass Lowell Libraries as the source location of the digital documents and the Center for Lowell History as the archive where the original documents can be found.  While most of the materials made available are public records and free of restrictions under copyright law, it is the responsibility of the user intending any commercial reproduction of material that may be subject to intellectual property restrictions to secure permissions from the appropriate parties.


Title: Billy's Brookside Cafe
Photographer: Mike Pidgeon
Description: Billy's Brookside Cafe, Gorham Street
Date: 6/23/1981



Title: Man Cleaning Window of Bridge Street Tavern
Photographer: Richard Hunt
Description: Unidentified man cleaning the windows at the Bridge Street Tavern in January
Date: 1/20/1981



Title: Cell Block Lounge
Photographer: Mike Pidgeon
Description: Outside View of the Cell Block Lounge
Date: 6/23/1981



Title: Lowell Residents Watching the Patriots
Photographer: Bill Bridgeford
Description: At Bridge Street Tavern, Lowell Residents, Steve McCullough (left) and Jim Roy (right) watch the Patriots game
Date: 10/4/year unknown



Title: Cappy's Copper Kettle
Photographer: David Brow
Description: A & L Taxi waits for patrons outside Cappy's Copper Kettle, Central Street, Lowell
Date: 12/31/1986



Title: The Raft
Photographer: unknown
Description: Signage of the Raft in Lowell
Date: 9/8/1983