Lowell Sun Photography Collection

Eastern Canal - Kerouac Park (construction)

Kerouac Park is a park surrounded by a variety of monuments near downtown Lowell. It was created to serve as a memorial park for beat generation writer and Lowell citizen, Jack Kerouac. The park was constructed in the late 1980s and these photographs document the process. 

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Title: Kerouac Park Construction
Photographer: Richard Hunt
Description: Aerial view of Kerouac Park Construction
Date: 3/23/1988



Title: Loam Trenches
Photographer: unknown
Description: Loam trenches being dug out at Kerouac Park
Date: 9/4/1987



Title: Workmen finish up on Kerouac Park
Photographer: David Gregory
Description: Workmen finishing up the walkway near Kerouac Park
Date: unknown



Title: Kerouac Park Construction
Photographer: Richard Hunt
Description: Aerial view of Kerouac Park Construction
Date: 3/23/1988



Title: Workin' the Rails
Photographer: David Gregory
Description: Construction being done on the walkway along the canal near Kerouac Park
Date: unknown