Selected Authors: The Harlem Renaissance

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How the Reading is Structured

Each "week" of this course typically begins on a Monday, and ends on a Sunday. This course will begin Thursday September 1, 2016. However, you will not have access to Blackboard and the material until 12 a.m. (Midnight) on Wednesday August 31, 2016. Except for week 1, weeks 2-13 will run for 7 days each, from Monday through Sunday. The course calendar at the end of this syllabus provides additional details with regards to the course schedule.  Along with the last of our readings, your final exam and final paper will be assigned during week 14. You can take your final exam and turn in your final paper via Blackboard at any point during that week. More details to follow. 



Required Books (You must purchase all of the books): 


  • Double-Take: A Revisionist Harlem Renaissance Anthology, edited by Venetria K. Patton and Maureen Honey)
  • The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson (Dover Thrift Edition)
  • Passing by Nella Larsen (Penguin Classic Edition)
  • The Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman (Dover Edition)

You may purchase the book online through Amazon, etc. or you may purchase the book at UMass Lowell’s University Crossing Bookstore.