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Faculty Guide to Library Services

group of university professors socializing

A Shared Mission

  • To advance knowledge and improve the lives of the people through excellence in research
  • To deliver an affordable, transformational education of high quality that fosters student success and lifelong learning

Succeeding Together

We invite you to explore our service menu. In particular:

•   We think you will be delighted with our subject and course LibGuides, and the remarkably easy way to integrate guides into Blackboard. You can share the convenience of our new e-Reserve Readings module, as well as the simplicity of streaming videos directly to your students' devices. We would love to work with you on open textbook options to save your students' money, as well as bibliographic and originality software tools to improve their work.
•  Be sure to become familiar with our catalog of 330 million bibliographic records, and our article database with 600 million scholarly articles. Library staff can assist with your online Digital Profile, and with ways to feature your full-text work on the Internet.
•  Also check out our research collections, media services menu, and the shared facilities of our Learning Commons.

Everyone in the library looks forward to partnering with you. We will work together to avail ourselves of the many benefits of contemporary library services.


George Hart
Director of Library Services