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Clinical Practicum for Exercise Science Students

Forms, deadlines, and master lists for ES practicum students

Practicum Preparation Overview

This list is designed to give you a quick overhead perspective of what you will need to complete before you begin practicum. 

Fill out Semester Request Form

  • Semester placements finalized ~ 2 weeks after submitting 

Fill out Site Request Form 

  • Site placements determined ~ 2 weeks after submitting 

Register for myRecordTracker account once the practicum coordinator sends you a registration email. 

  • Pay the fee of $30 upon creating your profile

Upload Health documentation to myRecordTracker 

  • OSHA, HIPPA certification
    • Provided through CITI training programs 
  • CPR Certifications
    • Can be completed with an online class or in person class 
  • Immunizations and TB test 
  • Annual Physical 

Communicate with your practicum supervisor before your start date.

  • Complete and finalize any extra site specific requirements 
  • Determine a practicum schedule that works well for both of you