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Clinical Practicum for Exercise Science Students

Forms, deadlines, and master lists for ES practicum students

CPR Certification Info

CPR Certification Info

All practicum students must have documentation proving that they are CPR certified by an accredited organization such as the American Heart Association. 

Your CPR certification must: 

  • Cover you for the ENTIRE practicum semester. 
  • Include Basic Life Support (CPR/AED) with an adult, child, and infant component. 
  • Be from a reputable source (i.e. American Heart Association, American Red Cross). 
  • Online courses are permitted for your certifications if they meet the above requirements.
  • INCLUDE A FRONT/BACK COPY OF YOUR CARD IN THE HEALTH PACKET YOU SUBMIT. (Be sure to include your signature on the card or it will be declined). 

In person CPR courses will be organized by the school and available at scheduled times during the semester. 

Below is a non-comprehensive list of some available online course options.

In person CPR options Spring 2022

Dr. Coffey, Dr. Fox and others worked with UML EMS to provide classes for our students and faculty.  Please see the attached invites for information and options to schedule yourself for a class.  Class will be held in UCC-492 with the exception of 3/28 being held in UCC-155.  Please use the Promo Code: UMLES20 for the 20% discount.