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Clinical Practicum for Exercise Science Students

Forms, deadlines, and master lists for ES practicum students

Important Dates

Fall 2022 Practicum Dates

Site Selection Form:

Fall 2022 Site Selection Form must be handed in by April 1st. 

Site Assignment:

Fall 2022 Site Assignments and instructions for reaching out to site supervisors will be delivered by email by April 15th. 

Supervisor contact

Email Caroline with an update about your initial communication with your Site Supervisor by April 28th. 

Health Documentation:

You must upload to myRecordTracker all health documentation (including CPR certification card) by August 1st

Start Date:

Students are projected to begin Fall 2022 Practicum the week of September 6th. 

Student Manual: Information to Help You Succeed

Fall 2022 Site List

The list is subject to change throughout the semester!

DO NOT CONTACT SITES but do look up their websites online. This list is provided only as a guide with brief descriptions and requirements of sites. Requirements, days, and times are subject to change. Keep in mind, NO SITE CAN BE GUARANTEED. Sites reserve the right to select or reject students based on an interview process. Sites may also accept students from other colleges, so it is a first come-first serve basis.

Student Site Selection Request Form

 Submit to Caroline Crompton at

  • Attach a written explanation (a paragraph long) for each site you choose.  Do not write an explanation covering more than one of the sites.  Instead provide an explanation of what is of interest to you at each particular site. 
  • Attach a copy of your semester schedule (print screen to add screenshot). The schedule should be in weekly view format not list form. If you have not yet registered for classes yet include your anticipated class schedule (as made in schedule builder). Be sure you are available during the hours the site has provided.