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Clinical Practicum for Exercise Science Students

Forms, deadlines, and master lists for ES practicum students

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

The CORI form will be completed during Junior Seminar class. When putting your CORI packet together, each page must be printed out single sided. You cannot print double sided. The order of the packet should go as follows:

  1.     Form in which all of your information is filled out on. (the one with your name printed clearly at the top)
  2.     Form in which your signature is filled out at the bottom. 
  3.     Copy of your ID/license.

You MUST provide the last SIX digits of your social security number on the form or you will be asked to fill another form out and the process will be delayed. 


  • The university will submit the CORI forms to HireRight.  They will email you for permission to conduct the CORI.
  • Respond to HireRight IMMEDIATELY.
  • Students will be provided with instructions to log on to their site. 
  • All information requested should be submitted.
  • If you do not receive the email, check your junk and spam mailboxes.
  • If you report that HireRight did not email you, they will confirm your email address with Human Resources.
  • Students who do not respond to HireRight or request a second email may be subject to a fee of $35. 


The deadline to respond to HireRight will be provided in Jr. Seminar. Failure to respond may result in a delay in practicum and graduation. 

  • Some sites may ask you to submit your CORI directly to them. However, the University cannot supply your CORI results to a site. You can process your own report online at one of the websites below. Fees vary so be sure to review the prices and check with your site on what type of CORI (national, regional, etc.) they accept. 

Important Policy Updates for all Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences Students- PLEASE READ

These are the current policies related to National Criminal Background Checks, Clinical Affiliates Random Drug Screening, and the Social Media Policy. These policies have been revised recently and it is very important for all SHE students to know and follow these policies.

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

You can expect the process to follow this order: 

1. Complete the CORI Acknowledgment Form that will be sent to your student email. 

2. Once your form is received, you will receive an email acknowledgment. You will need to schedule and appointment with a program administrator for a Verification session. The session will take about 5 minutes and will require you show your identification. 

3. After your Verification is complete, documents will be processed by Creative Services, Inc., (CSI), the Agency who conducts all CORIs for UML. You will receive 2 emails from CSI:

  • The first email contains instructions and an access link for the online application. 
  • The second email contains an access code/password that is required to access and submit the application in the first email. 

4. Complete the CSI online application. 

Please note, if you are now or have been a resident of New Hampshire at any time these past seven years, you must also complete a New Hampshire Criminal Record Release Authorization Form. The NH Authorization Form will be sent to you by CSI, and, once completed, processed by CSI, as well.