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Clinical Practicum for Exercise Science Students

Forms, deadlines, and master lists for ES practicum students

Certiphi myRecordTracker

Students are required to sign up for myRecordTracker to download and store their required health documents. This will require a fee paid by the student. Failure to submit all required health documents by published deadlines will result in the student not going on practicum. 

my Record Tracker Overview


Student names will be entered into myRecordTracker once the semester lists are established. Students will receive an email from when their account has been activated. Payment of $30.00 is made by the student directly to Certiphi during the registration process. Students can begin uploading their health documentation following registration.

myRecordTracker Instructions

  • Upload electronic (scanned) copies of the information. Students can also upload a picture taken with a phone BUT THEY MUST BE CLEAR. If not clean and clear they will be rejected.
  • Check off exactly what information you are submitting. One document may contain more than one thing so check all that are appropriate (for example- a physical form may also have the TB results on it so check off physical and TB).
  • Enter the expiration dates. Physicals and TB shots expire one year from the date. CPR expires two years from the date of the course.
  • Copy of the CPR card will need to include the front and back of the card with signature (if there is a back or a space for signature; newer courses are just one page).
  • Students should check off YES for the CORI, HIPAA, and OSHA sections. (Copies of those docs are not required.)

If a site needs a copy of the documentation the student can email thru myRecordTracker or print a copy for the site. Students can continue to have documents updated thru myRecordTracker after the first year by paying a $10.00 annual fee. 


My Record Tracker profile should be completed two weeks before you start practicum. However due to Covid-19 and social distancing, this may become a burden and the deadline may be extended on an individual basis. If you experience extenuating circumstances, please reach out to Caroline Crompton ( at your earliest convenience. 

Tuberculosis test

  • Every student must get a TB test (Mantoux or QTF) prior to going to a practicum site. Remember, TB tests take two days to complete so plan accordingly. You can get a TB test done at Student Health Services for a small fee. 
  • Some sites require two TB tests, students will need to plan accordingly. 

OSHA / HIPAA Certification

  • OSHA and HIPAA certifications can be completed, viewed, and printed at .
  • To view and print certifications: 
    • Log on with your username and password
    • Under University of Massachusetts Lowell Courses, click "View Previously Completed Coursework" 

Physical Exam

  • An annual physical examination is required covering students during their entire practicum. A physical form or letter from your doctor is acceptable or the form below can be brought to your Doctor for them to complete.


  • The immunization record provides a history of all your immunizations. 
  • Login to Health Services Patient Portal (link below) to view and print your immunizations online OR bring the form below to your Doctor to have it filled out.
  • COVID vaccinations are a recent addition to the immunization record requirement 
  • Note: If applying for a cardiac rehab site, you must have documentation of a flu shot.