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Clinical Practicum for Exercise Science Students

Forms, deadlines, and master lists for ES practicum students

Frequently Asked Questions

Practicum Site Selection 

How do I choose site preferences that will work well with my schedule? 

The practicum requirement is 12 hours per week for 12 weeks. Choose preferences where you know you have availability during most of the site's general hours of operation. Once you are placed, you and your practicum supervisor will determine a schedule that works well for both of you. 

What can I do to make sure that I get placed at a site that is a good fit for me? 

Your site rationale is the key to a good placement. List specific goals you have for practicum, or goals for your career beyond college. Describe any scheduling or transportation constraints. List reasons why you would be a great candidate for your preference. Provide qualifications or relevant previous experience. The more information you give, the easier it will be to place you in a good fit. 

May I use my current job/volunteer position as my practicum experience? 

Students may not have a practicum experience at any facility where there is a conflict of interest- such as employment or volunteering. See excerpt from the Student Practicum Manual below: 

It is the student’s responsibility to make these situations known prior to clinical placement. Failure to do so will be considered an ethical violation. Students may NOT: 

  • Get paid by the site during their practicum semester. It is both an ethical consideration and is specifically prohibited by our contractual agreements.
  •  Attend a clinical site with which they have volunteered for extended periods of time. 
  • Attend a clinical site with which they are currently or formerly employed. 
  • Attend a clinical site where they have any type of financial/contractual/tuition reimbursement arrangement with facility or parent corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

myRecordTracker/ Health Documentation 

Are any of the health requirements optional? 

Yes, unless your site requires it, submitting documentation for your annual flu shot is optional. If you chose to opt out of a flu shot, answer "no" on myRecordTracker. 

Which health requirements are not optional? 

CPR certification, Physical Examination, MMR vaccine, Varicella vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Tdap Vaccine, Mantoux (1 step PPD), COVID vaccine.

Can I start my practicum experience with an incomplete myRecordTracker profile? 

No. Any missing requirements or rejected documentation will fail to meet compliance with the contractual and liability insurance obligations associated with clinical practicum. Deviations from this contract will put the student in jeopardy of personal liability should a situation occur at the site.

My health document was rejected. What do I do? 

Scroll over the red "rejected" button for the reason your document was not accepted. Sometimes it is as simple as forgetting a signature or missing a page. 

Do I have to use the physical form and TB risk assessment form provided by myRecordTracker? 

No, these are just useful templates for you to give your doctor, if necessary.  

My physical is expired and I can't get an appointment until after my practicum start date. What are my options? 

Investigate Walk-In Health Centers near you. Most provide affordable physical examinations that are suitable to fulfill your requirement. 

Do I need to submit my health documentation to my site after it is completed on myRecordTracker? 

No, it's not necessary unless your site specifically requests it. 

I'm experiencing technical difficulties on the myRecordTracker website. What do I do? 

Call myRecordTracker customer service or IT support at 855-225-8606.