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Political Memorabilia Collections

Local, state, and national election political campaign memorabilia from the 1970s through 2015.

Richard P. Howe, Jr. Collection S- Z


A button from one of Ellen Sampson's campaigns for Lowell City Council. Sampson was elected to the City Council in 1967 and re-elected twice, serving as Mayor 1961- 1965 and 1972-1973.

Shaw for Representative

A button from Warren L. Shaw's 1994 campaign for Massachusetts State Representative. 

Silber for Governor

A bumper sticker from John Silber's 1990 campaign for Governor of Massachusetts.

Sullivan for Clerk of Courts

A button from Eddie Sullivan's campaign for re-election as the Clerk of Courts. Sullivan was elected in 1970 and re-elected several times through 2000.

Sorry I Missed You

A short, hand-written note from Denis Teague on a pamphlet from the candidate's 2001 campaign for Lowell City Council.

Tsongas for Congress

A bumper sticker from on of Niki Tsongas' campaigns for United States Congress. Tsongas was elected in a 2007 Special Election and served until 2018.

Warren for Senate

A button from Elizabeth Warren's 2012 campaign for the United States Senate.