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Political Memorabilia Collections

Local, state, and national election political campaign memorabilia from the 1970s through 2015.

Mehmed Ali Collection A- I

Fighting for you

A caricature of Mehmed Ali, by Ken Bonin, during Ali's 2007 campaign for Lowell City Council.

Think!!! Then vote Anthes

A business card from George Anthes' 1974 campaign for State Representative. Anthes lost to Edward J. Early, Jr. in the Primary.

Fred Bahou for State Representative

A mailer from Fred Bahou's 2014 campaign for State Representative.

Meet State Senator Jarrett Barrios

A fundraiser invitation from Jarrett Barrio's 2006 campaign for Middlesex County District Attorney.

Re-Elect Kevin Broderick

Literature from one of Kevin Broderick's campaigns for re-election to the Lowell City Council. Broderick ran several campaigns from 2003 through 2011, serving on the City Council from 2005 through 2013.

Cambodian-American Voting Project

Literature with information about a meeting of the Cambodian-American Voting Project.

Elect Canney

A bumper sticker from Dennis Canney's 2007 campaign for Lowell School Committee.

CBA Board Election

A showcase of the candidates for the Board of the Coalition for a Better Acre.

Councilor Caulfield

Celebrating 20 years of service to the city of Lowell by City Councilor Edward "Bud" Caulfield.

When is Enough Enough?

Literature from John Charow's 2002 campaign for State Representative.

Don't Change the Channel

A bumper sticker encouraging Lowell voters to stay connected with local political issues.

Experience, Ideas, Solutions

A mailer from one of Dave Conway's campaigns for the Lowell School Committee. First elected in 2007, Conway was re-elected in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

I'm for Cox

A bumper sticker from Donald Cox's 1985 campaign for Lowell City Council.

In Tribute

Advertisement solicitation for a planned Lowell Sun tribute to John Cox for six years as City Manager.

Doherty Lowell School Committee

A sticker from Jackie Doherty's campaign for the Lowell School Committee.

Matt Donahue for State Senate

Front page of a brochure from Matt Donahue's 1996 campaign for State Senate.

Reception with Eileen Donoghue

A fundraising reception for Eileen Donoghue's 2007 campaign for the US House of Representatives.

Vote Douglas!

Literature from Richard Douglas' 2005 campaign for Lowell City Council.

Re-Elect Early

Literature from Ed Early's 1976 campaign for re-election as State Representative for the 44th Middlesex District.

Eldridge for Congress

Literature from Jamie Eldridge's 2007 campaign for US House of Representatives.

Elliott for City Council

A bumper sticker from Rodney Elliott's 2005 campaign for the Lowell City Council.

Faticanti for Lowell School Committee

A ticket to a 2007 campaign fundraiser to re-elect Regina Faticanti to the Lowell School Committee.

Help the Middle Class

The fifth of Barry Finegold's 8 step plan for his 2007 campaign to be elected to United States Congress.

School Committee

A bumper sticker from Patrick M. Flynn's 2001 campaign for Lowell School Committee.

Harry Garavanian for State Rep

A bumper sticker from Harry Garavanian's 2002 campaign for State Representative. Garavanian won the Republican Primary, however, lost the election to Thomas A. Golden, Jr.

Dear Friend

Front of a postcard from Robert J. Gignac's 2015 campaign for the Lowell School Committee.

Annual Spring Reception

A ticket for a 2003 fundraiser for State Representative Tom Golden.

Come with Me

Literature from one of Jon Golnik's campaigns for United States House of Representatives.

Hayes for City Council

A bumper sticker from Wayne Hayes' 1999 campaign for Lowell City Council.

Please Vote for Ralph

Literature from Ralph Hogan's 1999 campaign for Greater Lowell Technical High School Committee. Hogan also ran for the Lowell School Committee in 2003.

Re-Elect Richard P. Howe

Literature from Richard P. Howe's 2001 campaign for Lowell City Council. As a City Councilor and Mayor of Lowell, Howe served the city for 40 years.

Huertas for City Council

A bumper sticker from Alex H. Huertas 1997 campaign for Lowell City Council.

Mehmed Ali Collection