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Political Memorabilia Collections

Local, state, and national election political campaign memorabilia from the 1970s through 2015.

Frank Talty Collection S- Z

Our Candidate for President

A bumper sticker from Terry Sanford's 1976 campaign for President of the United States of America. Sanford was the former South Carolina Governor and Senator.

Sansone for Secretary of State

A bumper sticker from Rosemarie Sansone's 1982 campaign for Massachusetts Secretary of State.

Sargent and Dwight

A button from one of the campaigns of Francis W. Sargent, Jr. and Donald R. Dwight, who were elected as Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1970 and re-elected in 1974.



He Makes Sense

Literature from Bill Sawyer's 1980 campaign for the United States House of Representatives. Sawyer won the Republican primary, however, lost the General Election to Jim Shannon.


Bill Schmidt for a Change!

Literature from Bill Schmidt's 1982 campaign for Middlesex County Commissioner.

Jim Shannon

A button from Jim Shannon's campaign for Massachusetts Attorney General.

Shapp for President

A campaign advertisment for Milton Shapp's 1976 presidential campaign.



Representative Shea

A button from one of Phil Shea's campaigns for State Representative. Shea ran several successful campaigns for the position from 1972 through 1978.

Sheehy for Congress

A button from Paul Sheehy's 1972 campaign for United States Congress.



Shriver for President

A button promoting Sargent Shriver for the 1976 campaign for President of the United States.



Silber and Clapprood

A button from the 1990 campaign of John Silber and Marjorie O'Neill Clapprood for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.


A button from one of Gerry E. Studds' campaigns. Studds ran several campaigns from 1970 through 1994 for the United States House of Representatives, only losing the 1970 election.

Clerk of Courts

A bumper sticker from Eddie Sullivan's campaign for re-election as the Clerk of Courts.

A District Attorney for All of Us

Literature from Michael A. Sullivan's 1998 campaign for Middlesex County District Attorney.

Middlesex County Commissioner

A sticker from Paul H. Sullivan's 1986 campaign for Middlesex County Commissioner.

Sean Sullivan for School Committee

A button from Sean Sullivan's 1987 or 1989 campaign for School Committee.



Button in Lucite

A button from Frank Talty's 1977 campaign for Lowell School Committee. The button is in a lucite surround.



Elect Karin Theodoros

Literature from Karin Theodoros' 1998 campaign for State Representative.

Working Overtime

Literature from Steven Tolman's 1998 campaign for the Massachusetts State Senate.





Warren Tolman for Lt. Governor

A sticker from Warren Tolman's 1998 campaign for the position of Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor.


U.S. Congress

A bumper sticker from Niki Tsongas' 2007 campaign for Congress.

Tsongas Reports

A 1984 newsletter from Senator Paul Tsongas.

Udall for President

A button from Arizona Congressman Mo Udall's 1976 Presidential campaign.

Vote Democratic 1986

A button encouraging people to vote Democratic in the 1986 elections.