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Lowell Mill Girl Letters

Y.L.A. to Morse May 16, 1854



                                                                 Lowell2 May 16 ‘54 
My Dear Sister, 

          I promest I would write as soon as I got here, but I have worked one or two days in hopes to git a letter from you: or you said you would write me in Lowell whether you come or not: I got here last Saturday afternoon found out friends all well, I am in hopes you will try and make it convenient to come down while I am here I am very anxious to see you & C

Im wants you to come very much be where & come if you can posebly make it convenient you and Esther if we were all here together I think we should have gone if the best of times I know Im is very anxious to have you come.  Plus let me know as soon as you git this & let me know when you will be here, if you do not come I shall go to your place some time in the next week & if you do come I shall go home with you, I think I shall go to your house first for I shall be on the stage

With my trunk & it will be more convenient to carrye it over then then at any other time after I git little rested I shall make C a good visit before Napolean comes an Im health was never any better she is looking rather poor but she says shes never was as well as she is now she has got one of the sweetest little Babes that I ever saw it is a very good Child  Benjamin health is very good indeed I will tell all I know what the fashions when I see you & every thing [?] that is interesting

I received your letter in New York & as you said you would write me again here if expected one before this: but as I have not got one I am affraid you have been writing to git one from me first I hope you will excuse me if that is the case for I should wrote befor if I had not expected to here from you in every mail. If you are not quite ready to come I will reman her untill you have time to git ready & make as long visit as you would like tell E the same

 Yours as ever 
 [Y?]. L. A. 


[on cover]

Mrs W[illiam] H. Morse 
Deerfield Center 

  1 Mary Jane ---- b: 1815, NH/VT; married: William H. Morse born: 1808, NH. 
  2 Lowell, Massachusetts.