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Lowell Mill Girl Letters

September 19, 1854

Courtesy: American Textile History Museum [0022.586] 
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History
            Lawrence  September 19/ 54 
Dear Sister Laurella 
            I thought I must write a line or two to you and let you know how we are prospering these times I suppose you have seen Selina since she was here. We are getting along, about as usual the baby is better than she was when I was here

I was expecting Peters folks here at the Cattle Show this year but I see by - the papers that it is the same 
days as at (Framingham). I suppose he will hardly want to leave then but I should like to see them then 
or any other time, they must come this fall any how, and Marcellus too if he can. We talk a little of 
going to N.H. about the 20 of next month if we can but I do not know how it will be 22   I was in hopes to have had this off my hands this, but I cannot do but one thing at a time, I made s
ome mince pies yesterday but I do not much but attend to Alice these days  I have no news to tell you Oh I must tell about a society we have here it is called the "Pacific Mills Relief Society" every one that works on that corporation are (oblidge) obliged to pay a few cents a week as much as they are a mind to and then if they are sick they draw pay accordingly and can have the attendance (of a certain number of physicians) one that they choose, Charles by the way was one of the number, he carried in his bill every month, and last month 
it amounted to about (80) dollars I thought it was doing pretty well, but I presume it will not be as much 
another time monday, I am afraid the Fair will be over before you get this if I am not spry. Where is Augusta and where is she going to stay this winter. I would like to have you come and make us a good long visit some time I have 
not said much about it before because I thought it almost impossible but a little later from now I think there will be less to do I thought perhaps you would come home with us when we went up at Thanksgiving if all were well. I would like to see the children it seems a long while since I were at home I expect they have all grown a great deal. I suppose Lucilla is better acquainted with her cousins than she used to be

I believe you told me Augusta was expecting to work for [Glenia] this summer but I had not heard a word about her lately and thus I inquire. I meant to have asked Selina but she was here so short a time I could hardly think of any thing I wanted too, please write often and not wait for me If we should go to N.H. I will endeaver to write to Marcellus on our return I almost dread to go with (sis) she is so fussy, I want to make her a hood this week if I can I have cut one out, she had a present of one from our Irish girl the other day, and a pair of stockings, but those will be large enough for her when she is a year old if she should live as long. I believe there was a baptism yesterday at the baptist I did not go, but saw them as they passed by on their way to the water Charles has not been to meeting as much this summer as I have, you cannot think how much sunday busi he has I do not know what else to [     ] it but certainly he has one or two 5 dollar job almost every sunday taking the night before and the one after perhaps; yester day he only charged about 20 dollars for his days work, but he would like that day to himself, and then he could enjoy 
going to meeting, but not much rest for him. I am very well with the exception of a little of the neuralgia in my face which is not so pleasant sometimes. I have not done much for it I am in hopes it will go away of itself. 
           Yours etc. Marcella

  1 Marcella Snow