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Lowell Mill Girl Letters

April 15, 1843

                                                                 Lowell Historical Society 
                       Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History

Lowell april 15, 1843
To the Brethren & Sisters of the John St. Church 
Dearly Beloved, 
             I feel it to be my duty to make a communication to you, acknowledging, where in I have sinned, and done wrong, dishonored my savior, it brought a disgrace upon his cause which I have professed to love for which I am truly sorry and ask to be forgiven both by the church and its great Head.

To save my reputation as a weaver, I have taken the ticket from cloth woven by another person and placed 
it upon that done by myself, which was imperfect; and put my ticket upon hers – thereby practicing dishonesty, and sinning against God and the church, and dishonoring the christian name.

While I would make acknowledgment to the church and ask to be forgiven, I would also ask to be remembered in their prayers, that I may hereafter be kept from evil, and the appearance of it, and live as becomeths a disciple of a perfect Savior. 

 Sarah White