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Lowell Mill Girl Letters

November 17, 1831


Montague3                  november 
Franklin                       the 17 1831

Dear Parents

I now take pen in hand once more to address you, the best of parents, time nor distance cannot efface you from my memory you are still dear to your unworthy daughter I had the pleasure of hearing from you by Mr Goodale I was glad to hear that you ware all well & understand that Hannah4 has gone to the factory to work I am very sorry she should be so venturesome as to go so far alone, and not being acquainted with the' place of buisness I am sure she will not stay long for they are very strict with them especialy on the Sabath day and they ought to be where there are so many perhaps it will be a good school to her I guess she will no how to prise her home now better then she ever did before I hope you will not let it give you trouble for I have caused you enough alredy but I always meant to obey my Parents as far as I could reasonably.

1 Caroline Stone born: Caroline Stone born: 29 Nov 1804, Cabot, Vermont; parents Mathias Stone and Judith Bangs; married Asahel Gunn b: 9 Feb 1800, Wendell, MA. 

2 Parents – Mathias Stone born: 13 Oct 1768, Massachusetts died: 21 Feb 1851, Vermont; married 1791: Judith Fox Bangs, christened: 13 Mar 1774, Hardwick, Massachusetts. 

3 Montague, Massachusetts. 

4 Hannah Stone born: 10 Nov 1809, Cabot, Vermont. 

Brother Lyman5 came here and made me a good visit I was glad enough to see him I'll warrant you, and I expect he has made you one before now for I understood Mr. [----] the was there when he came away Brother [----] appears to enjoy himself very well I think that he is  doing very well in winsor But I should be 
glad if I could have him nearer to me if it would be as well for him

I was glad to hear that sister Huldah's6 health is better I hope she will be careful of her health in future tell her to be a good girl and be kind to her parents for she may one day be deprived of them as I now am and then she will think of me

I was in hope i should see some of you down here this fall, how I wish Brother [----] and his wife would come and see me it seemes as if they might if they tried hard enough well if they wont come and see me I will come and see them if I live till another fall and nothing hapens and fetch my great boy up to see you he is 4 montht old and he begins to stand alone he is a fine  play thing for Grandpa and Grandma for they live with us now since we sold a part of the farm, tell Brother [----] and Sister [----] that they must not be discouredg because they had such bad luck when they came here

5 Brother – Lyman Stone born: 10 Jan 1806, Cabot, Vermont died: 1 July 1856, Montpelier, Vermont. 

6 Sister – Huldah J. Stone born: 30 Nov 1815, Cabot, Vermont died: 24 Feb 1889, Royalton, Vermont; 1840s – Lowell labor leader; married 1850: Rev. George Severance b: 1820, New Hampshire. 

I hope I shall be at home when they come agi I want to see them very much I am expecting Matthias down here this winter tell him he had better come the first of December and chop wood he can have chopping enough to do for 30 cents a cord 3 foot wood 96 ft for a cord and have his cash down, and Board himself he can Board heare and ride back and forward to work. for [----] has taken four hundred cord of wood to draw to' the river of the same man that wants it choped, but if you come to chop we will want you the first of 
December on [----] of hireing hand, if you cant come [----] if you want to work out this winter you can get work chopping else where, you must all come and see me as soon as you can Sister Huldah had better come down here and spend the winter Give my love to all my Brothers and Sisters tell them they are not forgotten by me it is late at night and I must bid you good night

Good morning my dear friends, we are all well this morning and I am in greate haste for mr, Goodale is here awaiting for my letter  I dont now but he and [----] will  make a [----] of it yet for I guess he tries hard enough, [----] says she should like it rite well to have Matthias come down here and take a job of choping he is in a hurry this morning and can't write, he sends his love to you all, you must write often and long letters for a letter is next to seeing you Give my love to alfred and  Malinda and the rest of the family.

I guess you will be tired of reading this so i will draw to a close by wishing you all health and prosperity through life this from your unworthy but loving daughter 
Huldah Stone Poem, 1831

How can I go from my loved home 
Where every scene is dear to me 
To foreign climes how can I now roam 
Where none will speak on breathe of the 
All may be gay and bright and fair 
But ahi Huldah will not be there 
When as I seek that classic shore 
Where glory, smouldering ruins expire 
To scan proud gracious mystic lore 
Amid the temples of dead 
In those musing hours 
for Huldah will not be there

Caroline gunn 

[on cover]

Matthias and Judith Stone 
Cabot VT

Cabot Sept.8, 1833

Dear Brother I now take my long silent pen to address an absent but not forgotten friend. having a chance to send I could not resist my desire of of writing a few of my scattered thoughts to you. My health is not very good at the present time but think it will be soon as to my mind it is very clear chief of the time

Cabot April 
Dear friend