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Lowell Mill Girl Letters

October 8, 1848



                            Lowell3 Oct 8th 1848

Dear Amanda,

                            I dar say you will be surprised to know that I am in Lowell but I am very homesick and think I shall not stay very long when I got to Boston I found business very dull and my sister Mary, there she wanted me to go to Lowell and here I am now writing to you on the bank of the Concord river a beautiful little stream that runs by the house it is a very pleasant situation but fore all that I am not contented I want to see you very much with all the rest of the family. I should like to here from you very much how the school comes on and all about the folks thare whare Abner4 is and how he mad out Catching Mackril. I have been in the mill to work. I do not like it at all and I expect all of you are glad of it for I might stayt at home and I wish I had I hope your mothers5 is as good as comon I have often thought of her since I have left your home. I had a good time in Bost I stayd thare over fortnight I have no time to write more 
I suppose you will get this next spring.

I hope I shall see Albion6 out here but I neednt for he will not come my to him with all the family

write as soon as you receive this 
From your friend Matilda

[on cover] 
Amanda S. Lunt 
Long Island, ME


1 Matilda Miriam Clark b: 1827, ME d: 14 Jan 1892, ME; married: Albion K. P. Lunt b: 29 Dec 1823, Long Island Plantation, ME d: 9 May 1884, ME. 
2 Amanda S. Lunt b: 3 Aug 1833, Long Island Plantation, ME d: 1908; parents: Israel B. Lunt and Nancy Pomroy; married: John Walls b: 1826, ME. 

3 Lowell, Massachusetts. 

4 Abner Pomroy b: 10 Dec 1820, Long Island Plantation, ME. 

5 Nancy Pomroy Lunt b: 1800, Mount Desert, ME. 

6 Husband to be – Albion K. P. Lunt b: 29 Dec 1823, Long Island Plantation, ME d: 9 May 1884, ME; parent: Israel B. Lunt and Nancy Pomroy.