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Biomedical Engineering Research Guide

A collection of library and web resources for biomedical engineering classwork and research.


Welcome to the UMass Lowell Library's Biomedical Engineering research guide! Here, we've gathered resources to help you find current Biomedical Engineering material for your coursework. Use the left menu or the links below to navigate to different pages on this guide:

  • Articles and Databases highlights sources where you can browse articles, publications, and research databases that focus on Biomedical Engineering material.
  • Books showcases encyclopedias, handbooks, and textbooks for a general overview of Biomedical Engineering research topics.
  • Professional Associations collects links to professional organizations and other online resources dedicated to promoting Biomedical Engineering careers.
  • Citations gathers resources about APA and IEEE citations.
  • Special Topics holds unique resources for Biomedical Engineering research such as biomaterials, biomechanics, and bioinstrumentation.

If you have questions about this guide or other library resources, visit our Ask a Librarian website. You can browse Frequently Asked Questions, contact us by email, or use the Live Chat Reference service for real-time assistance.