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Data vs. Statistics

"Data is the raw information from which statistics are created; statistics provide an interpretation and summary of data.
To make sense of data, you will likely need to use a statistical software program (SPSS, SAS, Stata, etc.) to analyze and make sense of the data.  
On the other hand, you can often easily use and understand statistics because they have already been processed."

-Nicole Scholtz, Spatial and Numeric Data Librarian, [!], University of Michigan Library

Procedure for Using Google Dataset Search

  • Enter topic keyword
  • Quick look at results page

Refine your search:

  • add additional search terms
  • use operators like site: 
  • use the minus sign to restrict results.
For example: 
global temperatures 
This will restrict your results to just the domain.
global temperatures -noaa
This will remove all results with the term “noaa” 


Use filters:
      • Last Updated - Choose from datasets updated in the past month, year, or three years
      • Download Format - Choose among table, text, image, or other download formats
      • Add specific file formats to your search (e.g., global temperatures csv)
      • Usage Rights - Filter based on whether datasets allow commercial or noncommercial use
      • Topic - Filter by high-level disciplines such as social sciences or life sciences
      • Free - Toggle to enable datasets that are free to use 

above adapted from Google Dataset Quick Start Guide

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