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CHEM.2600: Information Retrieval for Chemists

Course outline, information and materials for all undergraduate chemists.

SciFinder-n Links

 SciFinder-n Web Login

Attention: UML Chemistry Faculty and students:  We have been upgraded to SciFinder-n, and as of December 30, 2022, will no longer have access to SciFinder Classic.  The link above goes to SciFinder-n.  The screen looks different but all the old features are there.  Your current login will work.  If you have searches and alerts saved in SciFinder Classic, you should migrate them to SciFinder-n.  Check the HELP in SciFinder to find out how to do this easily. 

SciFinder-n Registration <--click on this link! Everyone needs to register their own login id's here.  Secure passwords are required, please read the instruction page for details.   When you sign up for an account, you must use your UML email address, they will not accept non-institution addresses.  They will send you an email to verify your account, and you must respond to that email for your account to activate.  Accounts in SciFinder-n are only active as long as you are members of the UML community.  When logging into SciFinder-n, you will also automatically be asked to log in to UML using your UML credentials, as you must be proxied through UML to use SciFinder-n.  While in SciFinder-n, you must enable popups to be able to obtain full text articles.