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CHEM.2600: Information Retrieval for Chemists

Course outline, information and materials for all undergraduate chemists.

Evaluation of Web Sites/Fact-Checking

Web Addresses

Places to Search

  • Directory sites:
    •  Internet Public Library (IPL2). Indexed and annotated subject list, with related topics.
    • Yahoo: a directory of sites.  Good place to start if you have a particular or exact subject in mind.
    • a good gateway to government sites.
  • Search engines:
    • Google: Excellent top rated search engine, ranks pages by the quality of links.
    • Google Scholar : Offshoot of Google, restricted to scholarly papers.
    • Google BooksFind entire books or sections of books.  Most in-copyright books have only a few pages available.
    • Ask: allows you to ask your question in plain English.
    • DuckDuckGo allows privacy in searching