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CHEM.2600: Information Retrieval for Chemists

Course outline, information and materials for all undergraduate chemists.

The Hathitrust Site offers complete and free access to many old journals.  All journals published before 1928 are out of copyright and if present on this site, may be freely accessed.  The journals in Hathitrust have been scanned from cover to cover, including EVERY page, even blank pages.  If you find an unreadable/missing page, report it to Ms. Muskiewicz, as Hathitrust wants to know about mistakes in its database. 

This site is not always easy to use, searching for a journal title will often result in a huge number of answers.  Use the links set up below whenever possible to navigate directly to the journal you wish to view.  If you are looking for a title that does not appear on the list below, search for it and then look for the first record that matches.  Once you click on a record, the right side menu will offer "similar titles."  This is often very handy when there is more than one record for a journal.  Click on "Catalog Record" to see the list of issues available.  The lists are almost always in year order, but on some, you many have to scroll to find your year. ONLY select those items which say "Full View".  Do not select anything labeled "Limited View, as these items are still copyright protected, and you will not be able to access the full article.

To maneuver around when you have found the journal you want, scroll down to find the volume/year you wish, but you may have to scroll down quite a ways to find the FULL VIEW of the item you want.

Once in the full view of the title you want, look for "JUMP TO:" and put in the page number that you need.  If you do not have a page number, but you have an author name, you can use the search box to search by author.   Also, the volume of the journal may appear in more than one item on the list.  Remember that in a scientific journal, page numbers are sequential, so that in any journal volume there will be only one of each page number.  Do be careful to look at the range covered in each volume listed.  IF the listing says (for example) Volume 250-251, that means there are two different volumes in that item and if you need a page from v. 251, you should be looking from the middle of the volume towards the end.

Remember that large numbers of these journals will be written in German or French, so a title search is liable to come up empty unless you have the exact words in the right language.  

Old journals are often bound with various indexes inserted at the front of the volume.  Most indexes are numbered using roman numerals, so when looking for an article, be sure the item is using regular page numbers.

You may print using the download button on the left side of the Hathitrust menu (as pdf), or capture it as an image (as jpg.)

MSM 1-14-2022

Journals Available on line

Annalen der Chemie.  Abbreviated Ann.  SEE links below for Justus Liebig's Annalen der Chemie.