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CHEM 2600: Information Retrieval for Chemists

Course outline, information and materials for all undergraduate chemists.

Assignments 2023

Late assignments will only be accepted until 11:00 a.m. on 5/3/2023.

Late assignments will only be accepted until 11:00 a.m. on 5/3/2023.

Required for Assignments


  • All assignments are due Tuesday by 1:00 PM. Submit via the Blackboard site.  All assignments will be graded in Blackboard on Tuesday afternoons.  
  • Assignments must be word-processed.
  • Sources must be cited
  • Label supporting information with the number of the question it answers.
  • Supporting information for assignments may be submitted as pdf or jpg.   Use Print command, select Print to PDF, save the PDF and upload it as part of your assignment.  There is no limit on the number of pages that may be uploaded as part of an assignment.
  • Do not submit zip files, as we cannot grade those assignments properly.
  • Do not submit URL links as answers.  Many are specific to your search and will not work when the instructors try to open them. Submit actual documents.
  • Do not submit links to Google Docs, they will not open properly for grading.  Submit copy of any document stored on Google Docs.
  • Do not submit screen shots of pages.  They are often too small for instructors to check and grade. 
  • Late assignments will be assessed a penalty of 25 points per week.
  • Incomplete assignments will be handed back to be done again and will be assessed a late penalty.
  • All assignments will be posted on the class website and Blackboard prior to the start of Wednesday's class.
  • Endnote may be used for any assignments.  The class format in Endnote is ACS,  unless you are directed to use another format in certain assignments or by the instructors. 

Information on using Endnote may be found here.