Information Retrieval for Chemists: CHEM 2600

Off-Campus Log-In

TO USE SFS off campus:

Open the SFS browser (under "S" in the alphabet list on the library page) or on the SFS page for our class. You will be sent to the University Login page, where you must login with your university email address and password.  Then it will send you right to the SFS login page, where you must login with your SFS username and password.  On your own personal computer, laptop, or device, SFS allows you to keep your login open.  DO NOT choose this option when using a University or other public access computer.

Use on a Mobile Device

Use SciFinder Mobile to access a version of SciFinder made for your IOS or Android Phone.

This is not the full SciFinder Scholar but does provide access to citations, structures and quick lookups from mobile devices.

Log in as you would to regular SFS Web.

SciFinder Tutorials

Click to Learn how to Search Scifinder.

Adjunct Chemistry Professor

Marion Muskiewicz

For Library questions, Margaret Manion
Lydon Library Reference Desk: 978-934-3213
Office Hours for CHEM 2600
Olney Hall, 216C Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Co-Instructor Marina Ruths

marina ruths

Co-Instructor: Professor Marina Ruths
Office: Olney Hall 216a


What is Scifinder?

SciFinder Scholar consists of the complete Chemical Abstracts Service database from 1907- and the complete Medline database, from 1950-. Newest additions include millions of spectra, and records from chemical literature before 1907. UMASS Lowell Libraries provides SciFinder Web access for current students, faculty and staff in the Library, anywhere on campus and at home, provided they have properly registered for an account.
For help on searching SFS web, check out the tutorials provided by the Chemical Abstracts Service.
SciFinder Scholar is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for  early Sunday mornings.  There is no limit on the number of simultaneous users.  We are guaranteed that all our users will be able to access SFS 95% of the time.  Please remember to read the conditions statement when logging on and abide by the limits on the number of records. Because of heavy use, please remember to log out completely and properly from SFS, otherwise a port will be blocked for up to 20 minutes.  

Part of SFS is a feature which will automatically connect you to the full text of an article, provided UML has access.  As part of this service, popups need to be enabled in the browser you use.  If possible, allow a permanent exception from the popup browser  for SFS--you should get a dialog about this the first time you try to get a full text article.  Warning:  Chrome browser message is very small, in the upper right hand corner, and may only be an icon!  Safari does not allow exceptions for the pop-up blocker, so you must turn off the popup blocker before using SFS via Safari.

Tips for Using Scifinder

SciFinder Scholar Access

SciFinder Scholar access is only available for current students, faculty and staff at UMASS Lowell. You must have a current UML email address to register for SFS access.

Register to have web access via the link below. You will be able to choose your own username and password and a security question. You must receive an email from SFS and reply to it in order for your access to be complete.

SciFinder Scholar Registration

Only your name and email address are required.  Your email address must be your UML email address.

Please note that you must choose a username of 5-15 letters which may include only letters and/or numbers and any of the following special symbols:

  - dash
 _  Underscore


at symbol

Your password must be more complex, with 7-15 characters and AT LEAST THREE of the following:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Mixed upper-lower case letters
  • Non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. @, #,%,&,*)
    Select a security question from the drop-down menu.
    Once registered, you may use SciFinder from any web-connected computer, provided you have properly proxied yourself for off campus use.

SciFinder Scholar Access


System Requirements

To use SciFinder Scholar, web version you will need:

  • Windows 10: Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Internet Explorer 11; Chrome 48 and higher

  • Windows 8, 8.1: Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8); Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1); Chrome 48 and higher

  • Windows 7*: Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Internet Explorer 8 and higher; Chrome 48 and higher

  • Windows XP Professional, Vista*: Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Internet Explorer 7 and 8; Internet Explorer 9.0 (Vista); Chrome 48 and higher

  • Mac OS 10.11: Safari 9.0; Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Chrome 48 and higher

  • Mac OS 10.10: Safari 8.0; Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Chrome 48 and higher

  • Mac OS 10.9: Safari 7.0, 7.1; Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Chrome 48 and higher

  • Mac OS 10.8: Safari 6.0, 6.1; Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Chrome 48 and higher

  • Mac OS 10.7: Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Safari 5.1 and Safari 6.0, 6.1; Chrome 48 and higher

  • Mac OS 10.6: Firefox 44 and higher, Firefox 38 (ESR); Safari 5.0 and 5.1; Chrome 48 and higher

To use structure searching, you must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
You must have Java, Javascript, and enable cookies.  If you have a popup blocker, either turn it off or add the following sites to your "popups allowed" list: