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Schedule for Edit-a-thon

March 16, 2023 Edit-A-Thon

Join us on the Mezzanine at O'Leary Library for our first edit-a-thon of 2023!

We will be working from 11-2pm and will have people available to help you find sources and edit content.

We'll have lunch and snacks to keep you energized!

Collections in the Center For Lowell History


Art + Feminism

Articles To Create

Are you interested in creating new articles? Here's a list of women and topics that we've identified as important to create:

  • Caroline Elizabeth Loguen (mother of Sarah Loguen Fraser)
  • Abbie Williams (New Orleans jazz musician)
  • Ada A. Cooper (lecturer, educator, poet, writer, journalist, missionary)
  • Addie Wilkins Jackson (African-American suffragist)
  • Africa Hands (librarian)
  • Betty Blackman (librarian)
  • Betty Murchison (artist)
  • Carmen Cartiness Johnson (artist)
  • Carrie J. Clarke Bolden (missionary)
  • Cleo F. Haley (nurse)
  • Dolores White (composer)
  • Doris Colbert Kennedy (artist)
  • Edna Walton (suffragist)

Editing Tips

5 Tips for Editing Wikipedia:

  1. Create an account for yourself! 
    1. Make sure you login at our dashboard!
  2. Do you want to create an entry?
    • Create it in your account's sandbox and transfer it to the main encyclopedia when done.
  3. Do you want to make an entry better?
    • Check for grammar and spelling fixes.
    • Add one new citation to the entry. 
  4. You don't have to make your edits perfect! Other people will come and fix any mistakes.
  5. Ask our mentors for help or if you have a question!