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Authority Control

Authority Control

How do subject experts authenticate their identity on Wikipedia?

Learn to Edit

How to Edit Wikipedia

Policies and code to edit Wikipedia entries.

Original Research

No Original Research

Adding your own research to improve Wikipedia can be a frustrating experience.  Here are some support pages and policy pages to help you.  Here are Sara's tips:

  1. Be ready to engage in conversation at the entry talk page even if you don't see a need to change content.  Wikipedia editors take their work seriously and communication is key to writing strong entries.
  2. Conflict is the lifeblood of Wikipedia.  Policies are in place to guide editors through conflict.  Be familiar with those policies that impact your additions to the entry.  Many are listed here.
  3. Treat other editors with respect.  Some may bristle at engaging with an expert, but the vast majority value your experience in your field.
  4. This is not about promoting you, but sharing information.  
  5. Wikipedia is not about what is true, but what can be verified.  
  6. Editors put a lot of emphasis on books as sources because they are much easier for anyone to find.  Academic articles, while increasingly used, are behind pay walls.