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Wikipedia Assignments

Wikipedia Assignments

How can you make Wikipedia part of a class assignment?  More and more university classes around the world are asking students to edit Wikipedia as an assignment.  It allows them a chance to understand the types of sources.  They learn how to communicate an idea to different audiences.  They improve a source they often use and how it is created.  The following links and sources can help you build an assignment like this for your students.

Sara is always happy to help you with this.  She can help you:

  • design and set up the assignment
  • help support your students as they research and make edits
  • teach the class how to edit
  • run edit-a-thons to provide opportunities to edit and get support
  • help with assessment of the assignment and keep you updated on other classes doing the same


Wikipedia Education Program

Wikipedia's Education Program

Learn more about their formal program.

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