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Ready to edit Wikipedia for gender equity!? Tired of seeing red links for women and topic around women? Check the links on the left for the Women in Red edit-a-thons.

Did You Know

What is #1Lib1Ref?

This annual event is a great way to get involved in Wikipedia, especially if you love finding sources (like many librarians).  Sponsored by the Wikipedia Library, the #1Lib1Ref event asks you to do one thing: add one citation to a Wikipedia every day from January 15 - February 3rd.  It was designed to help more librarians get comfortable with adding citations.

What do you do?

  1. Find a statement in an entry that needs verification through a source.
  2. Find a source that verifies the information.
  3. Add the citation
  4. Save your edit and in the notes box, add the tag #1Lib1Ref

How do I find content that needs to be verified?

You can search Wikipedia and find them.  Start with an entry on a topic you like.  Some might be marked as needing verification.

If that's not something you are comfortable with, try the Citation Hunt!  You will be given a statement that needs a citation.  If you feel like you can find a source, you do.  If not, you can skip it for another.  You can keep skipping until you find something you can find a source for.

Can I tweet about this?

Of course!  Use the tag #1Lib1Ref so others will know what you are doing!

How can I get help doing this?

Come by O'Leary Library from 2-4 on January 18th.  We will be working on the project.  We can help you find sources and more!



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