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Political Science Research Guide

Guide Contents

This research guide contains links to library databases as well as videos on how to use the library effectively. You will learn

how to navigate Article Quick Search for journal literature
❈ the difference between peer-reviewed and other kinds of articles
❈ how to find print and e-books,
❈ how to find the articles you need in full text by using Interlibrary Loan
❈ how to cite your sources in correct APA citation style.

Off Campus Access

If you are logged in to your UML email you are logged in to the library. If prompted, enter your UML email credentials. If you still have trouble, clear the cache on your device. Email not working? Troubleshoot from here.

representative ayanna presley

Rep. Ayanna Presley      PD
Photo by Franmarie Metzler

Political Science is the study of issues of power, political representation, social justice, national security, international relations, identity politics, ethnicity, gender, religion, terrorism, human rights, democratization, campaign strategy, civil rights, political ideologies and constitutional government.  

Politics is a calling for those who desire to serve their community, nation and world in government agencies, law, political campaigns, military service, security studies, public policy, social movements, journalism, teaching and international organizations.


Using Article Quick Search

Article Quick Search is the name of the search engine for the library's journal content. It includes both titles the library owns and some it does not. If the library does not have access to an article, request it through Interlibrary Loan. Be sure first that the library does not own the title!

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Google vs. the Library

Google is not the same as the library. What good are 120,000 hits when you are researching a narrow topic? Not very. Here is why the library is different.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Article Quick Search (Update)

Search: Library Publication Holdings  
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