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Political Science Research Guide

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Networks and States by Martin Meuller
Introduction to International and Global Studies by smallman and Brown
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
How to Map Arguments in Political Science Craig Parsons
Political Science and Changing Politics Philip Van Praag
African American Perspectives on Political Science by Wilbur Rich and Charles V. Hamilton
Political Treatise by Benedictus Spinoza
On Political Equality by Robert A. Dahl
The American Political Landscape by Byron E. Shafer and Richard H. Spady
A Glossary of Political Theory John Hoffman
The Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History. (Two Volume Set) by Michael Kazin, Rebecca Edwards, and Adam Rothman
Race and the Making of American Political Science by Jessica Blatt
Critical Political Ecology : The Politics of Environmental Science by Timothy Forsyth

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