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UML Campus Voices

International Women Leaders Summit

April 11, 2011

They came from Colombia, Egypt, Israel, Liberia, Northern Ireland and South Africa to meet and learn from each other, forging friendships and building understanding about what it takes to advance democracy and peace. The delegates from around the world spent three days together at UMass Lowell, presenting on their experiences in their home nations and crafting the Lowell Declaration, a pledge to work jointly and with others on a global network with the common goal of creating non-violent solutions to conflict.

The International Women Leaders’ Summit on Security through Economic and Social Development – held April 10 through 12 at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center – grew out of an idea formed by the 2010 Greeley Scholar for Peace Prof. Gavriel Solomon and UMass Senior Vice President Marcellette Williams. The event was presented by a committee of UMass Lowell faculty, students and staff led by Prof. Paula Rayman and with the support of Provost Ahmed Abdelal. 

EGYPT: Mona Makram-Ebeid & Salwa Bayoumi

LIBERIA: Leymah Gbowee & Janet Johnson

COLUMBIA: Rosa Jumenez Ahumada, Marta Ines Romero, & Laura Taylor

NORTHERN IRELAND: Bronagh Hinds, Monica McWilliams, & Margaret Ward

ISRAEL/PALESTINE: Gila Svirsky & Robi Damelin, Seham S.A. Ikhlayel & Rula Deeb