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UML Campus Voices

Calculated Chaos: The Art of Blue Q

October 3, 2012
A dynamic presentation by Art Director, Founder, and Co-owner Mitch Nash

Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based Blue Q is one of the world’s most innovative gift manufacturers; over the past 24 years they have collaborated with some of the world’s most talented graphic designers and illustrators to develop over 2,000 products, ranging from bath brands Dirty Girl and Wash Away Your Sins, to hilarious gums, art-drenched totes, life-changing breath sprays such as Instant Irish Accent and Instantly Understand Men, cardboard pets, home lighting, miniature books, and countless other curious objects. At turns, devilishly irreverent, witty, profound or just plain beautiful, the company wares reflect a unique and loving corporate culture that is really the secret to making it happen. Blue Q’s first retrospective is a peek behind the curtain, an entertaining and visual record of the company’s product development process, showing its obsession with taking everything to its lunatic conclusion.