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Courier Corporation Archives

A guide to the history of the Courier-Citizen Company

Minutes of Meetings

Financial Records

Certificates of Stock

The Citizens of Courier

The History of the Company

Welcome to the Courier Corporation Archives

This website is intended to preserve some of the history of the Courier-Citizen Company which over time became the largest book manufacturer in the Northeast and the fifth largest in the nation. The company traces its roots to its inception as a newspaper in 1824, growing over the many decades as a leader in the field before finally becoming a publicly traded corporation in 1972. The company was started in Lowell, Massachusetts, by William Baldwin, originally as the Chelmsford Journal and later after a merger with a primary competitor the Courier-Citizen Company was given its name in 1894. The company created all things print, including educational, trade and scientific books; newspapers; business forms; religious publications; and telephone directories, providing high quality products and employment for thousands over the course of the 20th century. Sold in 2015 to R.R. Donnelly and Sons, the Courier-Citizen Company is a business success story, rich in history and in the narrative of American innovation, and this archives is a representation of their legacy. 

Scope and Content Note, gives an overview of the documents and its contents 
Inventory of Documents, provides searchable detail for the documents in the archives
History, an overview of the history of the Courier-Citizen Company
Financial Reports, digital files of financial records such as Treasurer's Reports of the company
Minutes of Meetings, digital files of the minutes of meetings including stockholder's meetings and director's meetings
Certificates of Stock, digital files of the actual certificates of stock for the company
The Lowell Sun, the relationship and agreement made between the Courier-Citizen Company and the Lowell Sun
The Courier-Citizen Centennial Edition, digital files of the Centennial edition of the Courier-Citizen Newspaper from 1936
The Citizens of Courier, a book written by James A. Conway, Jr. about the company

This LibGuide is a selected representation of the Courier-Citizen Company collection.