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Courier Corporation Archives

A guide to the history of the Courier-Citizen Company

The Citizens of Courier

An introduction from the Citizens of Courier book by John A. Conway


     It is with great pleasure that we present you with this very special book about Courier Corporation. We commissioned the writing of this book to share our story with you and to thank the loyal customers, supportive shareholders and dedicated employees-both past and present-who chose to join forces with Courier and be a part of our history.

     Throughout its 170-year history, Courier has been able to reinvent itself many times, adapting quickly to change and maintaining its leadership position on the industry.

     As we continue to move forward, expanding our customer base and our areas of expertise, it is important to understand and appreciate the commitment and leadership of those who came before us, and to see how their strategic decisions shaped the Courier Corporation of today. From a personal point of view, this understanding provides the proper perspective-and incentive-as we ender yet another era of dynamic change and opportunity.

     We begin out 18th decade poised to capitalize on the strategic and tough decisions made by our predecessors, Philip Marden, Walter Reilly and James F. Conway, Jr. among them. This book celebrating Courier's past is much more than an account of the Company's achievements in the printing and related fields. It is a tribute to the men and women who helped make Courier what it is today, and serves as an inspiration to present and future members of the Courier family.

James F. Conway III

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

January 19, 1995"

(Conway page. 1)


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