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Social Club of Pawtucketville Collection

Relevant Topics

Names and Places:

  • Social Club of Pawtucketville
  • Club Social de Pawtucketville
  • Brunelle, Oliva
  • Descheneaux, Louis
  • Descheneaux, Rodric
  • Genest, Arthu
  • Larue, Urci
  • Ledoux, Demase A
  • Lemay, Albert
  • Morin, Ulric
  • Pawtucketville (Lowell, MA.)
  • Payette, Joseph
  • Porirer, Oliva
  • Santere, Richard
  • Sawyer, Avila
  • Sawyer, Josephat
  • Sawyer, Wilbrod
  • Smith, Omer J.
  • Theriault, Frederick
  • Thibodeau, William W.
  • Tourangeau, Rosaire

Subject Headings

  • Franco- American History—20th century
  • French- Canadians—20th century
  • Social Clubs—20th century
  • Social Club of Pawtucketville—20th century
  • Whist Contests—19/20th century