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ETD: Uploading Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Step Six

Supplemental Files (optional)

If supplementary materials - like audio, video, and spreadsheets - are part of your dissertation or thesis, you can submit them as supplemental files. These files will be made available in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses when your work is published.



Supplemental file requirements:

  • Do not upload files that someone else holds rights to (for example, third party software such as Microsoft Excel). However, uploading your Excel spreadsheet is OK.
  • Zip large files, a large group of files, or files that have a directory structure.


Add FileUpload file

Note: do not add third-party applications or software (i.e. Adobe Reader, etc.)

Media Type*: 





Notes to Administrator (optional)

Include any notes you have for the administrator who will be reviewing your submission.
If you will be unreachable via email, note the best way to contact you here as well.


(Maximum characters: 200)