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ETD: Uploading Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Step Ten

Pay for your order: Review submission summary

Your work is ready for submission to your institution for review.

Verify the details of your work as shown below.

If necessary, use the Change links to update corresponding details.

Click Continue.

You will then be prompted to pay for:

  • The Departmental Copy: $30 payable to ProQuest.
  • Any personal copies you ordered, payable to Proquest.
  • Applicable Open-Access Publishing fees and/or copyright-registration fees.
  • Remember to pay the $50 Archive Processing Charge. This is a separate payment, using the UMass Lowell e-commerce page.


Department and Personal Copies


If changes are needed, you can make them using the links provided.


Dissertation/Thesis Details:  


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Subject Categories:




Publishing Options: