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ETD: Uploading Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Step Four

Dissertation/Thesis Details

This page of the ETD Portal will  prompt you to add details about your dissertation or thesis. Starred* fields are required.

The primary language of your dissertation/thesis:

Title (as displayed in your dissertation/thesis)*:

Abstract (as displayed in your dissertation/thesis) *

Paste your abstract below. Formatting will not be shown here, but will display when your abstract is viewed in ProQuest databases.

Do not include personal information in your abstract.

Would you like to enter an optional translated version of your title and/or abstract to expand your potential researcher audience?


Primary Subject Category*:

Primary Subject Category*:

Keywords (up to 6):

Advisor/Supervisor/Committee Chair*:

Enter your primary advisor(s), not your entire committee. Do not include degrees as part of the name.

Committee Members:
Include up to 10 names. Do not include degrees as part of the name.